Sometimes, I’m Stupid

Like most intelligent people, I have had to live a life filled with the frustration of finding again and again that my brilliant flashes of insight have already been more thoroughly and thoughtfully canvassed by someone else.

To be intelligent is to be utterly ignorant. Astoundingly, shockingly ignorant. Mind you, ignorance is in fact the lot of all humans, because the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom built by humans is inhumanly vast. At a human level, the difference between an ignorant fool and a genius seems highly distinguishable, but if you put both on an axis versus the sum of what is known, they are indistinguishable. The difference in ignorance is a rounding error.

So when on this blog I posit what seems to me to be a shining trumpet blast of brilliance, you may find that you know about that field. That like Dr Tai I have made a bit of a muppet of myself, because Mssrs So-and-so and the great philosopher Hermanschmittingopolis and your good friend Professor Whatshername got there first and did a much better job.

I beg your indulgence and generosity. I was simply ignorant.