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Does Leadership Matter?

Below is an essay I wrote for a software engineering course taught by Professor Terry Woodings. It’s already dated, in the sense that since I wrote it, Steve Jobs has died. I’ve mentioned it a few times on forums such … Continue reading

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It is done.

Just submitted by dissertation. Alchemist:dissertation jacques$ date; texcount -nosub dissertation.tex Wed 26 Oct 2011 20:15:06 WST File: dissertation.tex Encoding: ascii Words in text: 11775 Words in headers: 283 Words in float captions: 632 Number of headers: 75 Number of floats: … Continue reading

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Another milestone

My dissertation draft has been reviewed by a few other pairs of eyes. I’ve also spent a few days going over it myself. Apart from getting BibTeX to display a sensible bibliography, I reckon it’s about ready for submission. Wed … Continue reading

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An important milestone

My absolutely unedited, unreviewed, unchecked, unimproved, uncorrected, un-followed-up-on-TODOs-yet draft of my dissertation is done! FILE: dissertation.tex Words in text: 9634 Words in headers: 252 Words in float captions: 590 Number of headers: 66 Number of floats: 35 Number of math … Continue reading

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If you rely on refereed material …

Then a lot of stuff that happened just 10-15 years ago didn’t happen at all. Some of my research is done “Just In Time”. I think of something I want to refer to, then I hit up IEEE Xplore and … Continue reading

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According to SLOCCount: SLOC Directory SLOC-by-Language (Sorted) 500 classifier ruby=500 200 tracker ruby=200 101 sql ruby=101 59 publisher php=59 8 https_experiment ruby=8 Totals grouped by language (dominant language first): ruby: 809 (93.20%) php: 59 (6.80%) Total Physical Source Lines of … Continue reading

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