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Can they hear themselves?

So today government ministers hit the airwaves championing the editorial independence of Fairfax journalists. Gina Rinehart pretty clearly wants to set the front page of the newspapers and figures the quickest way to do that is to buy some. The … Continue reading

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Thunderbird thinks this email is a scam.

At some stage, one of my old email addresses has been added to a Liberal Party mailing list. Every few days a little ditty is sent out telling me how awfully lovely them Libs are and how naughty and incompetent … Continue reading

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Barnaby Joyce – the Coalition’s Latham?

Say what you like about Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce, because chances are he got to the juicy stuff before you. In six months he’s staked a position as National Party iconoclast, party room rebel, constitutional defender and friend of the … Continue reading

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