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Robojar HQ

Installed a hutch today. A bit low so I can’t get all my books onto the shelf — you’ll just have to trust me when I say I have all my incriminating ones kept elsewhere.

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Does Leadership Matter?

Below is an essay I wrote for a software engineering course taught by Professor Terry Woodings. It’s already dated, in the sense that since I wrote it, Steve Jobs has died. I’ve mentioned it a few times on forums such … Continue reading

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An interview with Watts Humphreys

Grady Booch spent 18 hours talking to Watts Humphreys about his life and life’s works. Definitely worth a read — set aside a few hours.

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On a Hero

As far back as Frederic Bastiat’s Ce qu’on voit et ce qu’on ne voit pas (That which is seen and that which is unseen), economists have been aware of the difficulty of getting people to look past the immediate and highly visible, through to widely distributed, hard to distinguish, long-term effects of decisions and policies.
This […] Continue reading

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