Anatomy of Movement

Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain, is a damn good book.

Some time ago I bought, read and reviewed Lon Kilgore’s Anatomy Without a Scalpel. It’s a decent book, helpfully focused on strength trainees, and the chatty text makes it a relatively easy read.

Anatomy of Movement is simply much better. The drawings are crisp, the explanations are concise and there’s more coverage on the major areas of movement. Little dashes of humour in the drawings add a light hearted sense of fun.

Calais-Germain’s background is dancing. The book therefore looks at musculoskeletal from the point of view of how the parts move.

Each chapter follows a common structure: landmarks, movements, major elements or joints, connective tissue and muscles. Each chapter rounds out with clever diagrams demonstrating how muscles cooperate to perform certain common movements.

I will keep this review mercifully short. If you are an athlete or coach who wants to bone up on your anatomy, this is an excellent book.

Highly recommended.

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