Fancying, part 2.

For a long time I’ve linked from my book reviews to Amazon, giving both affiliate and direct links.

I’m still doing it, but now I’m adding nice little visual callouts. To the right you can see an example. The concept of having such callouts — and having affiliate and direct links — is something I have pinched from Mark Jason Dominus. The callouts are powered by a small plugin, turning a simple “shortcode” into the box you see.

The thinking is that a visual callout, including the cover image, will attract more clicks than the inline links (I learnt from Tested Advertising Methods that having a picture outperforms any headline).

As before, the font I’ve used is Dijkstra. Don’t like it? Think it looks too much like SimCity 2000-plus-obnoxious-web-2.0-linear-blending? Too bad. Dijkstra was a legend and SC2k was great.

I don’t expect to retire on Amazon affiliate clickthrough money (I’ve made $18 in the past 6 months), but insofar as it offsets my book buying habit, it’s a nice thing.

I’ve gone back through my archive and added callouts for books that I’ve reviewed, as well as any mentioned in passing.

Lastly, I’ve removed the “Book Review” badge from individual reviews, I think the callouts will show what’s what.

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