Anatomy Without a Scalpel

Anatomy Without a Scalpel by Lon Kilgore can’t escape the simple fact that anatomy is, in no small part, mind-numbing. It does give a good try.

Kilgore is probably known to many readers as the coauthor, with iconic strength coach Mark Rippetoe, of the second edition of Starting Strength. Like Rippetoe, Kilgore is a fan of training with weights, barbells in particular.

Anatomy Without a Scalpel is aimed at folks such as me — coaches and strength nerds. By addressing itself to a particular audience, this book can cut down on a lot of anatomy (eg internal organs) that are largely irrelevant to strength sports.

Given the constraints that learning anatomy entails (there are lots of things to memorise), Kilgore does an admirable job of spicing the text up with chatty asides on a range of topics. His diagrams and photographs are relatively simple to comprehend.

My main complaint would be production quality. Not every photo is reproduced well. The text itself needs some gentle ministrations from a professional editor as there are minor spelling and grammatical errors throughout.

However as an addition to the library of a coach or advanced trainee wanting to bone up (ha) on skeletal and muscular anatomy, you could do worse.

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