More Mongrel2 / OS X notes

Having a bit of spare time this Sunday, I’m continuing to work through the Mongrel2 manual (it’s good, as such things go).

There are still places where Mac OS X does not behave according to the expectations of the manual (written for a GNU/Linux environment).

  • Most of the shortcut code in S4.5 doesn’t work on OS X.
  • When chowning files, remember that OS X does not have a root group — it’s called staff. So “chown root:staff” instead of “chown root:root”.
  • When you’ve configured procer to launch mongrel2, running ps aux | grep procer won’t show procer right away. It takes a second or two. Mongrel2 itself doesn’t seem to launch properly … until you issue the -murder command to m2sh. Then procer steps in to resurrect the undead …
  • To run the chat demo, you need to have installed the mongrel2 library and dependencies. Go to (mongrel_dir)/examples/python and run python install. You also need to install the python-zmq library for your system — I used macports.
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