Help me get a distinction

I don’t ask for much from Troppodillians (well apart except from jobs, business advice, money and subjects for experiments).

As part of my requirements for a unit on Software Quality & Measurement at UWA, I’ve developed two different procedures for calculating monthly mortgage repayments. Now I need to trial them on various people and see how well they perform (or how badly).

Since power corrupts, and admin privileges corrupt absolutely, I thought I would ask for volunteers from the Troppo audience to take part in my experiment.

It is quite simple and should take no longer than a few minutes for most Troppo readers. In return you receive my undying (but anonymised) gratitude and a promise to report on the fascinating findings in a few weeks time.

To take part, follow this link.

Update: some people have trouble downloading the file with Acrobat saying “The file is damaged and cannot be repaired.” This seems to happen in Firefox but not IE.

Workarounds: you can right-click and “Save As”, or use Internet Explorer.

I’m not sure why this is happening, but I’ll look into it.

I should also note that I don’t need you to fish out your own mortgage details — numbers are provided for you to crunch.

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