A sad day

Good old Spam Karma 2 has been trundled off to the glue factory. Ever since its maintainer threw in the towel because of the vague vagaries of WordPress, SK2 has been living on borrowed time.

A few days ago the ever observant James A, sometime commenter here at Troppo, remarked that comment subscriptions seemed to be broken. It took us a while to suss out why.

One thing the comment-subscription plugin does, when deciding to send a comment by email, is to check whether that comment is approved and not spam. For whatever reason, SK2 was now reporting all new comments as spam, which meant they were ignored by the emailer.

I’m not sure why this is happening. SK2 hasn’t changed so the culprit is probably internal changes to WordPress since 2.6. The WordPress team do delight in changing the semantics of internal plumbing that plugins and themes rely on, then go on to enchant all comers by closing bug reports on their site with remarks about how it didn’t affect them so obviously it doesn’t affect anyone else.

In any case, with the maintenance of Spam Karma 2 falling behind WordPress, it’s time to send the old warhorse to the knackers.

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