Intermittent updates.

Well the news is that wikipedia cracked 200,000 articles, so long as you count all the incidentals and stubs. But that’s “pressable” so good luck to them.

It’s nevertheless a really fun place to browse; and it makes one imagine what the internet might have been like of wikis had been “the web” – if it’d been a two way medium in the first instance.

I mean wikis are really taking off. They don’t suit all purposes but they are well-suited to reference-style sites.

Wikipedia has a lot of beaut little gems: I saw this informative little ripper in a Slashdot comment.

I cranked up a draft budget for the Liberal Club, which technically I shouldn’t have done. But I get tired of waiting for the people who are meant to do it, to do it. In any case it’s as ambitious as last year’s. Which doesn’t necessarily bode well :).

In particular it calls for me to somehow raise $20,000 (that’s AUD) in donations. Don’t get me wrong, the money is out there: according the Electoral Commission returns, local CLP donations have ranged between $250k-$750k in the last four years. It’s hard to tell exactly what has caused the variance. A lot of it will be due to the change of government hereabouts. But still.

In any case, the beauty of donating to campus club is that you don’t need to announce it to the world; where said world includes capricious Labor governments apt to punish CLP supporters with the deafening absence of government juice.

I was talking with an old acquaintance from high school who’s since become a journo with the local rag. He said to me that he’s in a dirty industry. I laughed and explained that I was too: the difference was that he was getting paid. I volunteered to push crap uphill for free.

I’m keen to kick the club into high gear this year. 2003 was a flop by most measures and I want to make a strong comeback. I’m basically going to work from the electoral funding returns and bug people for donations. All of the donations are earmarked for specific programs, which should make them easier to sell.

I’m also toying with the idea of doing a College Republican-style “campus canvass”. Those guys have been going absolutely gangbusters over there in the states, and they are completely outstripping us, their nominal Australian counterparts in the ALSF. I came across the idea in their Chapter Manual.

The major problem is that the entire scheme is based on a US-style residental campus. Australian universities are not structured in such a way that most or all students live on-campus in dorms, houses, halls, etc etc. I suspect that when I sit down with CDU administrators to discuss the breakdown that very few students will be on-campus at all.

Now census results can guide me to which parts of which suburbs to canvass, but it’s still inefficient. Student populations in the suburbs adjacent to the university generally don’t go above 20%, meaning that only 1 in 5 people will be students anyhow. Nevertheless, there are still a few hundred students at North Flinders International House (“No Fucking Idea How” to friends) living in classic student blocks. They will be easy to get at under the US campus canvass model. If the effort doubles our notso hotso membership numbers, it’ll be worth it and then some.

I’m happy to take any other suggestions people might have for growing a campus club.

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