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So I’ve left my current job, and I’m planning to become a consultant to my former masters; so far it’s travelling well. Any tips?

In other news, I’m apparently a celebrity diariser out there in Liberal Student Land. Given the vast yawning cleft between here and my last period of consistent entry-making, perhaps it’s time to Give Back to the Community.

I’m setting up Dynarchy C&S, a firm selling political analysis, research and potted reports to anyone with a buck to buy them. I’ve already sold half a dozen profiles of electorates in the area I live by word-of-mouth. I’m working on developing some software to automate much of the process and I plan to bump up the price when I begin to sell interstate.

As far as I can tell, nobody has done anything like this in Australia. I could of course be dead wrong, but what the heck. I know quite a few bright sparks, and if early sales are good I bet I could talk a few of them into hopping on board with me. The eventual goal would be to grow the thing into a full-services outfit, your “one stop shop for all things political” or somesuch drek. Intel, reports, analysis, research, software, services, even campaign & PR management.

In the meantime, however, I’m small fry. I’m looking for tips: how does a feller go about promoting a new business? Any tips for selling one’s self as a boutique consulting firm? I’m all ears (or eyes – you get my drift).

Student Politics

I’ve recently returned from the National Union of Students conference in my capacity as a delegate for Charles Darwin University.

The NUS is a farcical waste of money. I’m not sure about the state of student politics in the US, the UK or elsewhere in this wonderful world of ours, but in Australia, all university students are required by law to join a student union, association, guild or representative council.

As a Liberal Student, I think that this is a disgusting abrogation of my right to freedom of association, and like my colleagues elsewhere in the country, I agitate constantly for Voluntary Student Unionism – VSU. I know how entirely scripted that sounds, but it’s all true, and I have the scars and war stories to prove it.

The upshot of compulsory student unionism is that the National Union of Students – the national peak organisation – collects a budget of around $1.6 million. As one may well imagine, this is carefully pissed away on a litany of leftie junkets, rorts and “activism”. It is, in short, the student unions of each university writ large.

Most students, when given a choice, abandon the student unions like people leaving a fart-afflicted lift. In Western Australia VSU was introduced for three years; in that time membership fell to just 10% of the student population.

The NUS Annual Conference is a glimpse of the end of the world if the lefties get the upper hand anywhere. Gerrymanders, rules abuses, and most importantly, willingness to use violence. Liberal students were attacked by members of the National Broad Left for brandishing an Australian flag on the conference floor. A chair was thrown into our quarter and dozens of lefties were clambering over tables to try and reach our guys. Mad stuff.

I think that this qualifies as “updated”, an’ thus, I bid all of you adieu.

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  1. Peter Judd says:

    Students politics is dead in Australia. Here’s the evidence.

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