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Notes towards a set-objective language.

Discovered while searching for something else on my computer is this jibber-jabber from 2009.

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A thought bubble about reciprocation

Here’s a classic scene: a weary traveller walks through an airport. A flower is pushed into his hands by a religious adherent, who then hints that a contribution to the religious order would be welcome — but no obligation, of … Continue reading

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Clearing the Debts

My calculations say that between expected expenses, required savings and HECS debt payments, I need about 90 weeks to “clear the deck” and get into positive net worth territory. At which point I need to salary sacrifice like a madman, … Continue reading

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Two things I like about my resume

You can see a link to it on the left side (if you’re reading this on my blog, rather than Facebook). The first thing I like is the style. I take no credit for this: it’s a template that comes … Continue reading

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Supercomputing Treaties

Today’s random thought: the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was the most important development in the history of supercomputing. It has forced the continuous development of ever-more powerful supercomputers to simulate the decay of weapons that can no longer be actually tested. … Continue reading

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Sphere of Origin

In Australia, the annual State of Origin is a very big deal. Though it only deals with players from NSW and Queensland, it nevertheless divides the country into two camps out loud folks and probably does more to raise the … Continue reading

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An easy prediction

I predict that, whenever a bold prediction is issued or the matter of prediction the future discussed, at least one person will deride such efforts and say that the future is, strictly, unpredictable.

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Upsetting the natural order

A lot of progress (and sometimes, regress) in computer science and software engineering seems to come from rejecting, modifying or otherwise modifying the “natural order”. By natural order I refer to the generally accepted, industrial paradigm of how development “is … Continue reading

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How on earth did bachelors cook before the invention of the microwave oven? ’tis a thing of marvel!

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Today's Thought Bubble

Today’s thought bubble is about learning. Recently while studying sets, I found that I had confused the concept of the element of a set (denoted using ?) and subsets (denoted using ? or ?). It made me think that many … Continue reading

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