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A not-so-brief aside on reigning in chaos

Everything that humans touch eventually becomes complex, whether we like it or not. (Blog posts too. This one started out as a comparison of three competing software system alternatives and subsequently bloated into a discussion of chaos in computer systems.) … Continue reading

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Micropayments claims another victim

So it appears that one of the companies I’d have been competing with, Readability, have thrown in the towel. Robojar (my effort) has a similar but distinguishable model. And others have tried and failed in this space with similar-but-distinguishable models. … Continue reading

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Robojar HQ

Installed a hutch today. A bit low so I can’t get all my books onto the shelf — you’ll just have to trust me when I say I have all my incriminating ones kept elsewhere.

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On communicating with the Commonwealth

The big news in my life is that this year I will be plunging into the heady world of business with my first startup, Robojar.

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According to SLOCCount: SLOC Directory SLOC-by-Language (Sorted) 500 classifier ruby=500 200 tracker ruby=200 101 sql ruby=101 59 publisher php=59 8 https_experiment ruby=8 Totals grouped by language (dominant language first): ruby: 809 (93.20%) php: 59 (6.80%) Total Physical Source Lines of … Continue reading

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I’ve also found this to be true

Based on current feedback, I’d say paying a lawyer to talk about software patents at this point would be like setting money on fire.
– Ryan Gordon
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And now for something completely geeky

Now that my exams are over, I’ve gotten back to working towards launching my little startup. During the second half of my semester I couldn’t find time or energy for it, but I did occasionally give it some thinking time, some of which has borne fruit.
Beware, Troppo readers; here be nerds.

My technical architecture has a […] Continue reading

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Payment woes continued

My startup dot-com project continues to plod along in the gap between university labs, assignments, tests and other studious miscellanea.
Today I spent some time getting down to the nuts and holts of payment systems.
I’ve done some work on this before, of course. Westpac knocked me back for their ordinary merchant account. I began to look […] Continue reading

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