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So I’ve started working on exercise 2A. I was about an hour in before remembering I’m supposed to be tracking every defect, no matter how minor. So I have two in the defect log so far, both with estimated repair … Continue reading

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Exercises R1 and R2 are done.

Remarkable how productive one can be when the internet is broken. My thinking for exercise 2A (which is based on R1 and R2) is to build a SLOC counter using LPeg and Leg. This exposes what is to me a … Continue reading

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Agile plans

One of the books I have going at the moment (I tend to multi-task books) is Mike Cohn’s Agile Estimating and Planning, a fairly concise take on how to obtain these qualities from agile projects. I think that the central … Continue reading

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Exercise 1A completed.

So I’ve just finished exercise 1A from A Discipline for Software Engineering. Switching to more idiomatic Lua (see my last post) made a big difference in the subjective easiness of the work; but I still spent almost as much time … Continue reading

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Exercise 1A

So I’ve been working on the first of the PSP exercises. The requirement is to write code that calculates the average and standard deviation of a linked list. My first attempt hasn’t ended in failure, so much as the realisation … Continue reading

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iWork Numbers 2008 can’t deal with time durations

A very annoying discovery. One of the common complaints about the Personal Software Process is that there’s a lot of data-entry and number crunching. The data entry I can’t do too much about (though compare Hackystat), but number crunching is … Continue reading

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An interview with Watts Humphreys

Grady Booch spent 18 hours talking to Watts Humphreys about his life and life’s works. Definitely worth a read — set aside a few hours.

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I’ve decided to work through the exercises in Watts Humphrey’s A Discipline for Software Engineering, to see whether they’ll help me to be a better developer. With any luck I’ll remember to update the blog with my findings. A Discipline … Continue reading

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