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Effective Work Breakdown Structures / Project Estimating and Cost Management

As I said in my last review, I’m currently working up a tool to make it easier to create estimates. As part of my work I’ve been reading various bits of literature. Today Amazon delivered two books. At around 100 … Continue reading

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Practical Software Project Estimation (3rd Ed)

My current focus is to develop an estimation tool. Not just for software, but for a wide range of industries. Software estimation is, of course, closest to my heart, given that my line of work is software. This is where … Continue reading

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Waltzing with Bears

Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister are probably best known for the book Peopleware (unreviewed). It’s a justly famous book in my industry, containing as it does generous lashings of both wit and wisdom. Sadly, it is a book more honoured … Continue reading

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The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing

Pricing is the driving force of a market place, allowing coordination of self-interested agents across wide divides of time, space and culture. And that’s as it may be. “But what price should I”, asks the frustrated manager or small business … Continue reading

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Anatomy Without a Scalpel

Anatomy Without a Scalpel by Lon Kilgore can’t escape the simple fact that anatomy is, in no small part, mind-numbing. It does give a good try. Kilgore is probably known to many readers as the coauthor, with iconic strength coach … Continue reading

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Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts

The title alone will have driven off everyone from my non-weights circle of friends. Optimizing Strength Training is a book by William J. Kraemer and Steven J. Fleck. Quite aside from the American fondness for initialling their names in print, … Continue reading

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3 Weightlifting Books

I bought a bunch of weightlifting-related books recently, some from IronMind and some from Today I’ll briefly review three of them. Olympic-Style Weightlifting for the Beginner and Intermediate Lifter by Jim Schmitz. Bought from IronMind. This is not really … Continue reading

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Expert Political Judgement: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?

One of the unsung benefits of stable employment in a place with a relatively rigid union contract is that you are expected and required to take your full lunch break. No subtle hints are dropped that we could really use … Continue reading

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War and Peace and War

Grand theories of history never quite go out of fashion. The impossible complexity of human society so cheerfully refutes our understanding that we have to fall back on intuitive pattern-matching to make sense of it (after a while, this becomes … Continue reading

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Drift into Failure

Drift into Failure, by Sidney Dekker , is one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read in a while. “Thought provoking” is usually a shorthand used by buttered-up friends of the author to mean “I agree” or “he/she provided a … Continue reading

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