Good service

Right now I have a problem with my left shoulder, in the AC joint. Basically the doctor’s instructions are: rest.

Given how long it’s taken to get over my storied knee problems, the timing of this is … maddening. I spent most of last week discovering what exercises I could still do without aggravating the AC joint. Not many.

To try and keep my legs in the training picture, I bought an IronMind Squat Belt. These odd contraptions superficially resemble a rock-climbing harness and indeed have some parts in common, including two carabiners.

When I ordered my belt from Australian stockists IronEdge, the belt only arrived with one carabiner. It looks like this:

I was able to get by first by using the less-convenient carabiners at the Musclepit gym, then yesterday by buying a carabiner at a local rock climbing gym. (As an aside: those places are creepy — oddly coloured walls that lean in at you from weird angles … yikes).

I mentioned the missing carabiner to IronEdge. Today I received an express delivery from them, inside was this:

Clearly different.

But here’s the thing: this picture shows that somebody from IronEdge went to their local rock climbing gym, felt the same sense of encroaching Lovecraftian doom, navigated the oddly-dressed crowd of hipsters to a supply shop, bought a more expensive carabiner than I did and then sent it by express courier.

For no extra charge.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is good service.

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  1. Amanda says:

    No modelling of the squat belt? Am disappoint.

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