Too many books

It turns out that I have so many books stuffed away in my Amazon cart’s “Saved Items” section that I’ve exceeded the maximum limit.

In case you’re wondering, Amazon won’t let you store more than 600 titles in that list.

All very annoying, as I use that feature as a kind of unofficial “read one day” list. When I hear about a good book, I go off to Amazon and add it to the cart. Now I will need to rethink my strategy.

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2 Responses to Too many books

  1. Dave Bath says:

    Straw man project proposal(s):
    * PostgreSQL database of “books to read”
    * Database (plperlu, etc) procedures that
    ** Looks up availability, espec in Project Gutenberg, etc
    ** Retrieves text
    * Put database procedure in
    ** Scheduled job
    ** On-insert / on-update triggers

    * GoogleApp that does something similar, but
    ** Search/retrieves manually invoked
    ** Successful retrieval emails as attachment to you

    (A) and (B) could be combined/co-operate

    You should be able to do doc format munges to get a doc into preferred reading formats, whether eText or for hard copy (even on 2 or 4 up double sided).

  2. Jacques Chester says:

    The problem is that none of what I want from Amazon is in the public domain. For those books I do in fact just go straight to Gutenberg.

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