NeoAxis: Some Whinging

One of my final semester units at UWA is Game Design & Multimedia. The engine used for this course is NeoAxis, which is a sort of franken-framework built in a lab out of parts of opensource code.

For instance, it uses the formidable OGRE for rendering.

There are two things (so far!) that bug me about NeoAxis.

The first thing is the documentation. It is pathetically incomplete. It is extremely annoying to be looking stuff up in the help file (only supplied in the useless CHM format), only to find a blank page. And even when you do find something more substantial, it’s apparently translated from Russian (really, I’m not kidding) and has a lovely Engrish feel to it. Naturally this is unhelpful.

The second, much smaller gripe, is the coding style. Ostensibly NeoAxis games are meant to be written in C#. However the sourcecode that we are basing our project on is riddled with C/C++ idioms. The most obvious of these is the if(!someFunction()) error_handler(); idiom, which is scattered liberally throughout the code. I guess try/catch was a bridge too far for most of the code.

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2 Responses to NeoAxis: Some Whinging

  1. Dave Bath says:

    There are chm to real format translators about, and useful, most of which are based on chmlib. I find the KDE/Qt ones behave pretty well.

    And you’ve tried the “use the Source, Luke” approach.

    “Gavnuki” you’ll learn to shout.

    Any free software distributed as source that only provides chm and/or hlp files is probably admitting it isn’t worth the disk space unpacking it.

  2. Jacques Chester says:

    I use Chmox on my Mac to read it (which I think uses chmlib). It’s still useless, but at least it looks nice.

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